Business 2 Customer

Launch and maintain an E-commerce solution that can be fully automated into your current infrastructure.

Business 2 Business

Easily update sales and create custom line-sheets with direct links to create purchase orders online.

" Most businesses still use pen and paper and don't realize that our simple and easy to use system exists. You cannot afford to pay your staff to waste time printing and hand copying orders "

- Sacha Lewis Dmytruk / Founder

Opportunities with incredible money making potential. 
Applying appropriate market research solutions.  
Offering ideas that raise your business above the expected.

Custom Design
Our system is built to extend to your custom requests and requirements.
Easy selection
Quickly select or de-select a style that should be part of a line sheet.
Customized Line Sheets
Create custom line sheets by delivery or other criteria


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lines of code today

Our systems can be used stand-alone or automated into your current infrastructure using our sister application TransferDeck.com. Our applications stay lean and easy to use because all functionality is organized. TransferDeck.com will automate the data import from your current accounting system and automatically convert and import into VendorGrid.com daily. This ensures your inventory stays up-to-date.
Wholesale ordering (B2B)
A password protected portion of our system allows your customers to login and create purchase orders with the wholesaler pricing or promotional wholesaler pricing. This system is mobile friendly so your customers can quickly create orders on the go which will grow your business.
Public Store (B2C)
We offer a turn-key solution to get your E-commerce store online quickly and efficiently. Using a sub-domain (Shop.YourDomain.com) we can get you online very fast. Our unique process allows us to copy your layout of your current website, we setup a automation from your accounting and after customization you are ready to go.

Managed business websites developed on an open-source platform customized in line with your vision

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VendorGrid in Action

We customized your project in line with your requirements using our platform.

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Our software as a service (SaaS) approach facilitates selling online by using a system that can be easily customized and integrated with your corporate structure without incurring excessive technical debt. Our service lets you avoid the daunting task of creating and maintaining your own online store on a system, which requires an expensive infrastructure and maintenance fees. We integrate your corporate visuals into our system so your customers can seamlessly move between your website and our store without altering the aesthetic impression of your online presence. We use your sub-domain (shop.YourDomain.com) so customers can comfortably complete the sales process on your domain name, requisite for a professional approach without requiring expensive development costs.


VendorGrid allows to display your product list and sell online. We support B2C (selling to the public customers) or B2B (Selling to your business customers). 



Do-not-sell list

Quickly choose which products are visible or not visible on the live website



Our system can be extended to adjust the visuals in line with your unique branding requirements. 



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