Creating Promocodes on VendorGrid

VendorGrid includes a promocode engine so you can create codes that can be given out to customers to offer a discount

# 1 > Login

First login to VendorGrid.com
-> Login
-> Navigate to "Promo Codes"

# 2 > Create

You can now create a PromoCode

Name: Used internally to identify

Promo Code: This is the code the customer must enter to receive the discount

All Styles: This applies the code to every style, so in the future when you launch a new season this code will automatically be applied to these styles as well

Type: Customer is for the public website | Retailer is for the B2B customers

New Customers can only use this one: Will NOT work after a customer has a previous order on their account

Apply to order total: This will discount the entire order OR unchecked it will discount each item

Max orders: how many times this code can be used, leave blank for unlimited

Discount: enter how much of a discount will be applied. This is connected to 'type of discount' below. 
-> Eg if you set percentage and put 75 for 'discount' then a 75 % discount will be applied

Start date: When this promo code will begin working
End date: When this promo code will stop working


# 3 > Customers

Now when customers get to the checkout
-> At the bottom of the invoice there is a box to enter a promocode
-> When they do and click 'apply code' the order will be discounted per the rules on the promo code