Initialize your layout into VendorGrid

Get started selling by preparing your website for VendorGrid to import your files.

# 1 > Step 1

StoreTemplate view. VendorGrid requires an empty view on your website (url address) that has the entire layout and one word in the middle "VENDORGRID-CONTENT". This is where all the store pictures etc will be swapped

# 2 > Step 2

Layout: in your main layout just after the <body> tag, place "<!--VENDORGRID-TOP-BAR -->": This will add all the store links at the top of the screen at this location

# 3 > Step 3

Create company: Switch to VendorGrid and create a new company for the customer

# 4 > Step 4

TEST layout: in VendorGrid create a new file #-test.ctp (# = the company you created in the previous step)

# 5 > Step 5

Modify the test layout to point to our website where you made the changes in the first few steps (We suggest you first point everything to a dev/client layout until it is approved

# 6 > Step 6

Test and make sure the store is working well, switch to the new company you created -> click integrate -> view your store

# 7 > Step 7


# 8 > Step 7

Now change the #-test.ctp -> #.ctp = ensure all links are now LIVE