Launching New Season

VendorGrid features an powerful engine that imports your live website into the store. 
-> this means you do NOT have to manage 2 layouts, all your SEO / updates that are launched on the LIVE website are automatically imported into your store. 

When lauching a new season it is easy to test your new layout to ensure it is ok before going LIVE.
-> this ensures the new layout you have launched includes all the CSS updates to display the store features (on sale top bar etc)


# 1 > Settings

Each new season that is launched requires a password be created so links can be sent
-> Login to VendorGrid
-> Choose your company
-> Click 'Settings'
-> Click 'Category visibility'
-> Ensure the "Password" column is NOT empty
-> Click 'Edit' to add a password

NOTE: You can add the same password as the previous season OR you can add a different password for each season (depending on your requirements)

Now when you send links it will auto login your customers into the B2B, etc. 

# 2 > LIVE site

To display your LIVE website as your store:
-> Login to VendorGrid
-> edit your company
-> Scroll down to 'website'
-> Enter your LIVE website
-> VendorGrid will now auto import your LIVE website and use as the layout for your STORE > All SEO changes / updates to your LIVE website will now apear automatically on your store. 

ON your LAYOUT just AFTER '<body>' add this code


Then create an EMPTY page called 'storeTemplate' with the following url:

eg undoLogic.com/eng/Pages/storeTemplate
-> The store template only needs a empty page with the following code:

<section class="well well__ins1 center767">
<div class="container">

That's it ! your store will now display using your LIVE website. 

# 3 > Launch a NEW SEASON

When you want to launch a NEW season you can TEST before actually going live with your store:
-> This will ensure you have all the proper CSS to control: on sales graphics, top bar, sizing chart, etc. 

Edit your company
-> Find 'website_test' and put your test location (without the page names)
eg: http://test.rufen.s412.sureserver.com/client

You can now navigate to:
-> VendorGrid - Integrate - New-Layout

You are now viewing your LIVE store BUT with the test layout.
-> You can now modify your TEST website and this page will update
-> Adjust all the CSS so the store looks correct

# 4 > Going LIVE

When you are done testing and want to launch your NEW SEASON
-> navigate to Company
-> edit your company
-> change 'website' to include your LIVE website / OR just launch your new website and it will update automatically