Translate TEXT

VendorGrid includes a translation engine which allows you to quickly and easily translate any text on your website store. 

You simply COPY any text on your website (This is the SOURCE TEXT)
-> You then add what the user see's (DESTINATION TEXT)
-> And choose the language the user is in. 


# 1 > Overview

This screen displays all the current translations that exist on the website. 

VendorGrid.com -> Settings -> Translations

You can click the top headings to resort the columns

The SOURCE text needs to match the string on the website

The language is used to choose when this translation is active (if the user has selected french on the store / if their browser is set to french)

The right column, what the user will see is the text that is displayed (per the language)

# 2 > Change English words on your website store

This can be used to translate even ENGLISH -> ENGLISH
-> Very useful when you have category names good for production but not good for marketing.
-> Copy the category you see on the screen > add a new translation > set the destination text to english > enter the marketing name you want your visitors to see

# 3 > Easily translate Text of your website store to FRENCH

If you want a word on your website store to be in FRENCH

  1. COPY the text on the screen (SOURCE TEXT)
  2. Click ADD a new translation from vendorGrid.com -> Settings -> Translations
  3. Paste into Source text
  4. Choose the language as FRENCH
  5. Enter in the french word that will appear on the screen