Installing PayPal

It is easy to connect vendorGrid to your PayPal account. This will allow your customers to pay with their credit card or paypal account. 

# 1 > Login to your PayPal Account

First logon to your paypal account: www.PayPal.com

# 2 > Navigate

Click "Tools" -> Then click All Tools

# 3 > API Credentials

Scroll down and click on 'Api Credentials'

# 4 > Choose

Choose option 1 -> 2. Setup up PayPal API credentials and permissions

# 5 > NVP/Soap

Click 'manage API credentials' in the NVP/SOAP api integration (classic) section

# 6 > Request

Click 'Request API signature'

# 7 > View

You are now viewing the API information
-> You can click 'SHOW' to display the private info and send to us to integrate into your store.