Using B2B purchase order system

VendorGrid features a B2B purchase order system
-> This allows your resellers to create an order (not billed but as a purchase order only)
-> This includes all the up to date inventory 

# 1 > VendorGrid

After you login to VendorGrid
-> on the 'Company' tab
-> Click next to the company you desire 'B2B'
-> This will open a new window 

NOTE: if you want to send a link to a specific season without requiring the customer to enter their password SKIP to STEP #4


# 2 > Enter Password

Enter the password and click 'Login'

NOTE: Passwords are created in VendorGrid.com > SETTINGS > CATEGORY VISIBILITY 
-> See Step #4

# 3 > Logged in

You are now logged into the B2B purchase order system
-> Notice the inventory / prices are available for each style

To Create an order
-> Enter name
-> Enter postal code 
-> Enter email
-> Enter any comments for the order
-> Scroll down and use the drop downs to select which styles / sizes 
-> Click 'Click here to submit your order'

# 4 > Managing Seasons

To manage each season:
-> Create a password for each season so customers can login OR create one password for all seasons so customer have access to all seasons

Click 'Settings', 'Category Visibility'
-> Then you notice all the seasons which are included
-> Visibile Retailer - If the B2B module for the season is active
-> Visible Customer - If the public store for the season is active
-> B2B - Link given to the customer (including the password) to auto log them into the B2B system
-> Edit - Make changes including password to this season

Note: The password is required when giving the General B2B link (step 2)

-> You can copy the link 'B2B' and send this to a customer to give them access (this will auto log them into the system)