API calls

This goes through all the API calls which exist to get data from your store. 


# 1 > GET prices for products


This will return a JSON object

    "47302b-Black": {
        "productName": "47302b",
        "subCategory": "SHIRTS & BLOUSE",
        "link": "http:\/\/shop.ladydutch.com\/session\/products\/getOneBy\/47302b\/Black",
        "price": "79.95",
        "short": "L\/S BLOUSE",
        "long": "

Long sleeved all over printed chiffon double layered blouse <\/p>

Frilled openings on shoulders<\/p>

Front peek-a-boo<\/p>

Detachable waist belt; Shirt tail<\/p>",
        "image_thumb": "http:\/\/images.ladydutch.com\/Fall2017\/thumb\/47302b-Black-front.jpg",
        "image_medium": "http:\/\/images.ladydutch.com\/Fall2017\/medium\/47302b-Black-front.jpg",
        "image_large": "http:\/\/images.ladydutch.com\/Fall2017\/large\/47302b-Black-front.jpg"